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Want to own a cat but suffer with allergies?

Some cat breeds exist that are considered to be hypoallergenic. 


Siberians are amongst these, this is because they produce less allergens than others cats do produce pet dander a common allergen.

Technically there is no 100% hypoallergenic domestic cat. All cats produce some dander

Siberian (less of the Fel d 1 Protein).

Hypoallergenic qualties.


Breeder and cat owners say that Siberian cats can be safe for many allergy suffers, females produce lower levels of Fel d 1. We advise you to come and gauge your reaction to the breed and therefore, suggest you come and spend time with several cats and the kitten you plan to adopt. Check for any allergic reaction when you arrive home and monitor it over the course of a few days and then let us know how, or if, you reacted. 


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